The Bilingual High School of Brescia defines itself as a High School of Human Sciences with an Economic-Social option and linguistic enhancement.

This is a five-year course of study that gives preference to the study of social sciences and legal-economic subjects in place of Latin, focusing on the learning of two EU foreign languages. The course, envisaged by the reform and proposed by the Marco Polo Institute, allows access to all universities and aims to provide quality, equitable and inclusive education.

The school offers learning opportunities for everyone; every single student is valued and encouraged to discover and seek new experiences and knowledge. To guarantee this, there are only highly trained and qualified teachers and an educational and serene environment.

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Aware of the importance of appropriate and advanced education, both in terms of method and updating of technical subjects, BHSB is particularly at the forefront in the use of the most modern IT systems in the management of ministerial educational programmes for specific reference subjects. A constant commitment in the training and preparation of those enrolled in the various courses of study in order to correctly and suitably enter the fields of work they have studied for.


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