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DR. Scaroni

Specific learning disorders, which affect about 5% of the school population, are finally receiving the right attention from the school system; in fact, thanks to the approval of the Law 170/2011, all students will be able to receive adequate attention to be able to best express their potential.

However, too often, the student with a specific learning disorder, be it dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthography or dyscalculia, risks remaining “on the sidelines” and not receiving adequate support; it is necessary to have trained professionals able to recognize those signs that can highlight the presence of this disorder and to structure a personalized learning plan.

«For some years I have been collaborating with the school, carrying out the function of referent for the “SLD” students; I work with my colleagues so that their teaching is truly “inclusive”, suitable for every type of student and every learning style and I suggest study methods to students that can be targeted and effective, guiding and supporting them in this complex research, with the help of modern technology. Only through this type of collaboration, which can be defined as a true alliance between students, family and school, can teaching be truly accessible to everyone, even to students with this type of disorder, which in itself makes learning difficult”.

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